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We do visualise every project in a unique and distinctive manner. Our work ranges from site sections and plan views to perspectives and three dimensional images. With the help of three dimensional images whether 3D modelled images or artists impressions / photo collages we transfer a two dimensional design into an image reflecting the atmosphere in the third dimension. In numerous projects we could convince the different stakeholders with strong images.

For any questions and inquiries regarding visualisation please feel free to contact: Paul van Wijk

Stijlgroep | Helderheidplein Rotterdam

Helderheidplein | Rotterdam
In the context of an open design process we have chosen to generate artist’s impressions to communicate the design ideas to the wide public: the group Helderheid, the residents and the governmental institutions. PDF…

Stijlgroep | Nature park Zwin | Knokke (BE)

Nature park Zwin | Knokke (BE)
We have chosen KCAP architects and planners as our partner for this design lead competition for the transformation of the Nature Park ZWIN. In all shown drawings (from conceptual sketches, to large side plans, sections) we developed a distinct and continuous presentation style. PDF…

Stijlgroep | Dorpshaven Aalsmeer

Dorpshaven | Aalsmeer
Commissioned by Synchron we have produced a set of drawings and artist impressions for the sales brochure. Stijlgroep had made the landscape design earlier on. PDF…

Stijlgroep | Maasstad Hospital Rotterdam

Maasstad Hospital | Rotterdam
Commissioned by Maastad Ziekenhuis we were asked to generate three dimensional images for all three patios and the special lighting elements during day and night. These images have been used for a brochure to motivate donations. PDF…

Stijlgroep | Market Vlaardingen

Market | Vlaardingen
In line with our design proposal for the Market in Vlaardingen we have been assigned to visualise our design. By transferring the design into a three dimensional picture a preview of the future situation has been generated which made all stakeholders very enthusiastic for our design. PDF…

Stijlgroep | Faculty of Law Nijmegen

Faculty of Law | Nijmegen
In cooperation with EGM architects we have been selected for this unique design competition. A very close co- working enabled us to produce strong images of a certain style which could be founded back through out the whole bid booklet. PDF…

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