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WHY Stijlgroep landscape and urban design?
We are not just another landscape architectural office amongst the uncountable other but we are a unique one.


  • combine the strength of a multidisciplinary team: together with a team of landscape architects, urban designers and technical advisors we work on a feasible design and can combine all our knowledge to develop
  • lead our clients during the whole design process: we are able to take every design proposal right from the beginnings from the first structural plans, to design phase and further to detailed construction design and on site supervision
  • be aware of costs: during the whole process we monitor the cost and ensure the feasibility at any time
  • listen to our clients very carefully: our strength is to translate the ideas and wishes of our clients into feasible plans
  • come up with unique and sustainable solutions: in numerous projects we have developed a very unique approach based on the specific pre-conditions of every project; and for us sustainability stats right at the beginning of a design: social, economical and ecological sustainability is not only a shallow word to us…

WE WORK in the fields of

If you are interested to know more about us and our wide range of expertise, please feel free to checkout our different categories structural planning/ design/ visualisation/ technic by selecting the icons above.

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