A christmas barrel

by Stijlgroep on 01/12/2011

Stijlgroep | Christmas feeling
It is five clock, night falls
The buildings merge into one large, gray, cold mass

People walk hurriedly through the streets of Rotterdam
motivated only by the desire to escape the darkness into their cosy homes

And then all of a sudden they light up:
big, huge plastic cubes

Stijlgroep | Christmas color scheme

During daytime they hardly attract attention
they seem arbitrarily placed, almost forgotten

But at nightfall they shine in the brightest colors
and the cold night turn into a play of colors

Stijlgroep | Christmas Schouwburgplein

Stijlgroep | Christmas Meent

Janus Vaten, located in Oosterhout (The Netherlands) has developed this new lighting system called ‘LIGHTED CUBES’.
And indeed those plastic barrels are normally used for transportation purposes, but for the chistmas time those commodities has been transformed into really arty, special objects, which are sustainable as well.

First press releases for example by the Telegraaf show that peoples attention is caught.

And I can tell you:
I really love those elements: When I rode back home on my bike last Thuersday, they made my day!!!

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avatar Steven December 1, 2011 at 13:12

It is so nice, walking through the streets and seeing all the lights. I hope that is remains also after christmas!


avatar Paul December 1, 2011 at 13:51

One would wish Chistmas never comes


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