The Stijlgroep Team

Paul van Wijk – managing partner/landscape architect bnt

When I started out in the eighties things couldn’t be worse. The Netherlands were experiencing a great recession. I didn’t want my education to be wasted so me and a couple of study-friends literally started out with a shovel and our bare hands. But with a world of ideas! These humble beginnings have taught me to respect and appreciate the value and potential even more. This blog is not about promoting ourselves but to further engaging a dialogue in sharing our vision that landscape is leading!

Hans Rovers - technical consultant

After my studies as a civil engineer at the Hogeschool Midden-Brabant in Tilburg I had experience in the governmental field and after that I gained a lot of knowledge and experiences for many years at engineering agencies as a superintendent and preparation of civil projects in a diversity of civil fields. All this experiences helped me to find out what I like in my work and in Stijlgroep I found a perfect partner to realize this and also get the opportunity to see the landscape and urban field from another kind of view.

Annelore de Cokere – assistant designer

Designing has always been in my blood. My drive to create things originally led me to fashion. So I studied ‘Fashion and Creation’ during secondary school. Creations could be made even more challenging by adding a living factor to it. Thus the creation can continue to grow and evolve even further after realization. This aspect along with my passion for plants drove me to the study ‘Landscape Architecture’ in Ghent. Part of my study was a true instructive and enjoyable foreign internship at Stijlgroep. After successfully completed this, I was offered to work at Stijlgroep. Despite the big step of moving abroad I grabbed this opportunity right away.

Rik Blank – assistant designer

My involvement in the design of the spatial realm, whether it be architecture, spatial design or landscape architecture, started at the Utrecht School of Arts with the track of Urban Architecture. Here, the emphasis laid on conceptual thought, analysis and contextual frameworks. Following on the School of Arts, I completed a Master track with the scope on Architecture and Urbanism as a product of thorough research; oriented on people, culture, societies and human nature. A Bachelor in Building sciences at the Technical University in Delft strengthened my awareness of the technical aspects and the process-based nature of architecture and planning. The experience of the spatial realm is predominantly, albeit mental, a social construct, based on culture and time. This notion generates the necessity of integrated layered design, with a strong eye on the social world. Program, beauty and utility are to be woven into spaces of flow, culture, and identity within (human) nature as a coherent whole. My work at Stijlgroep allows me to develop and combine these insights. Here, I am able to explore Landscape as a Leading overarching conceptual tool for thought and design.

Christian Messing  – manager design

I enjoyed my studies urban planning at the technical university of Delft, always combined with actual working at various offices and municipalities. I am fascinated by the many fields of urbanism I eventually majored in two extremities within the field; regional planning and urban design. I have been closely involved realizing projects from both ends of the table. As an external advisor and civil servant. Working both fields helped realize the importance of collaboration. Collaboration eventually leads to better products and helps create value. This means keeping your ear to the ground and using all your senses. At Stijlgroep I have found an answer to the question how to handle public space as a tool for an improved environment. Not for myself but for people who live there. My ambition as an urbanist exceeds the perimeters of the profession. Even more often my role as a mediator and generator of ambition between stakeholders gains importance. This is in my opinion the core-value of my profession; connecting  people in a process of realizing a great plan!

Joan Blijd – financial management

The switch ten years ago from accountancy to the creative industry has suited me well. There is a completely different dynamic as well as a great deal of contact with clients, and that means that, as a staff member responsible for finance, I feel like a valuable member of the team. No one project progresses in the same way and that means that the way in which the project is approached and the financial processes vary. An overall view is something I like to have available to me at all times.

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