A futuristic view

by Stijlgroep on 19/03/2012

Stijlgroep | Airport  of the future

Ever since the beginnings of human mankind, we have been interested in the future. Constantly human do ask themselves what might be tomorrow: what will their own life be in a couple of years, what will change. Numerous films pick up those existential questions and draw the most embellished pictures of the future.

And sure we, as landscape architects/ urban planners/ architects and most important visionaries do think about the future as well:
How will cities change? What are the urban structures and buildings of the future? How can we create sustainable environments and communities?
A lot of questions, but much to less answers, which can be take as guaranteed.
At the end we can only guess.

“Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future.“
Niels Bohr, Danish physicist (1885 – 1962)

But still, thinking about the future is surely exciting and inspiring, and surely these design proposal for the airport of the fuure, made by students, are…

First prize: Oliver Andrew
Stijlgroep | Airport  of the future

Second Prize: Martin Sztyk
Stijlgroep | Airport  of the future

Third prize: Alexander Nevarez
Stijlgroep | Airport  of the future

At the end I have to commit: I am glad to catch still a less spacy airplane at Amsterdam Schiphol when I am leaving for holidays…
What about you: Are you already ready for the future?

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