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Stijlgroep | Delta Psychiatrisch Centrum | Le Magasin

Le Magasin | Albrandswaard
The refurbishment of the kitchen building in which the storage area was contained required a new storage area to be created for office supplies, furniture and other items. PDF…

Stijlgroep | Delta Psychiatrisch Centrum | BSO

BSO | Albrandswaard
Architectural design for an afterschool care centre for 40 children. The afterschool centre is in a woody part of the southern rim of the Delta psychiatric centre‚Äôs grounds…

Stijlgroep | Delta Psychiatrisch Centrum | Villa Ditog

Villa Ditog | Albrandswaard
The training facility DITOG provides education on psychiatric health care and is housed in one of the striking residences on the site of Delta Psychiatric Centre in Poortugaal. PDF…

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