Public space for Shopping mall Presikhaaf

by Stijlgroep on 18/01/2017

By Gilles Horemans

Commissioned by the city council and Wereldhave, a company that has specialized them self in the design of shopping malls across the Netherlands, Stijlgroep has the opportunity to design the public spaces and parking lots of a soon to be renovated shopping mall in a district of the city Arnhem.

Presikhaaf 1960
The Presikhaaf shopping mall and public spaces that are built way back in the 60’s gets a complete make over to bring it back to its former glory. Besides being outdated, the area suffers from subsidence. Renovation offers the possibility to create an area where people are welcome and at ease.

Presikhaaf | design
In co-operation with the architect we try to make the best possible connection between building and public space to make the stay of the visitor as comfortable as possible. The roughly 900 parking lots gets a transformation, consisting mainly the preservation and improvement of the already existing trees and their stand. From the parking lots a walk way forms the connection with three squares, of which the main one is shown below.

Presikhaaf | detail public square

The warm colors of the patterned pavement gives its visitors a feeling of cosiness. A bistro is located in a pavilion surrounded by terraces. Moreover a pergola gives partialy cover for a public stage, where small events can take place. Waterspouts give dynamic and offers children playfull distraction.



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