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by Stijlgroep on 20/09/2012

Stijlgroep | Chatillion masterplan
In cooperation with the ministry for public works of Surinam and commissioned by RIKa Surinam a plan for a therapeutic care farm has been developed. The urban plan and visualization of the area were designed by Stijlgroep landscape and urban design, based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

The mental growth and rehabilitation of the clients are paramount in the plan.
Initially there will be living 50 clients and their caretakers within the area. These are the pioneers, they will realize the first phase of the plan. Within three years the number of clients will grow to 300. Together with the mental journey which the client makes in the care farm, the spatial context in which he resides also changes. The client begins his ‘rehabilitation’ in the southern part of the therapeutic care farm, far from the urban context. Here is the habitat where the emphasis has been laid on interaction, collaboration, collectivity and a relatively intensive supervision / care. The next step in his journey is the eastern residential area, as an intermediate area. Here the client receives a degree of autonomy and more responsibilities. The last step before the client flows back into society, is the northern residential area, facing the city and its social context. Here are the autonomy in living and the participation towards society for the client at the highest possible level.

Stijlgroep | Chatillion concept
Self-sufficiency and sustainability have been key elements during the design process.
The therapeutic care farm consists of a number of agricultural areas, and there are facilities present to produce its own electricity. Waste water is purified in a natural manner by helophyte filters.

Existing trees will partly be maintained between the functional areas and residential areas. Landscape structures and the experience of nature are of great importance in the translation of the spatial concept, as these will contribute to the well being of both clients and caretakers.

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